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Albion Fabric Launch 2017


I’m very excited to be launching my Albion fabrics at Decorex 2017. It’s always lovely to complete the range and offer clients not only a variety of wallpapers, but matching fabrics and cushions so they have the full collection to work with right at the start of their project.

Fabric is exciting and diverse. It can transform spaces through ordering as little as 1m or as much as 200m of fabric for a feature lampshade, headboard or full-length curtains. Every order no matter how big or small can completely transform a space, and it’s so exciting when clients send in finished project images.

After launching my debut Safari collection 4 years ago, I soon realised customers were ordering because my designs reminded them of a special holiday or memory. I love this concept and being a British company I wanted to create this new collection with the same idea and give people either living in, or visiting the UK, something to take home as a keepsake. I am passionate about wildlife and created this unique collection focusing specifically on wildlife that is iconic to the UK.



I live very close to Hyde Park and spend a lot of time there with my husband and son.  Whenever you are there, you will find tourists photographing the beautiful swans, songbirds and cheeky squirrels. With many of our British Bumblebees under threat and the recent extinction of two species, I wanted to make sure this amazing insect was given it’s moment. I have adapted my Secret Garden wallpaper design, selecting just the original bee drawings, to create a brand new design called Buzz.  It’s fun and versatile and works beautifully in a whole range of spaces, including a chic city apartment or a quaint country cottage.



My first drawing in this collection was the swan. They are such graceful and elegant creatures and so iconic to the UK and I knew they would be the perfect starting point for the new range.

In fact the swan is one of my favourite designs in the new range and one that has come to life as a fabric. Seeing its transformation has been really lovely and I think it works better as a fabric than wallpaper. This design is perfectly suited to bedrooms and my dream would be to have the Swan fabric on a oversized head board with beautiful full curtains on the other side of the room surrounding a large bay window.

I also have a soft spot for the Highland Cow – I was born and raised in Scotland so they had to be included! I have this design on my son’s bedroom walls and am in love with the cushions that have the mini cows on the back.



It takes about a year for a new collection to be ready for launch and I would be thrilled to walk you through my new Albion fabric line should you visit us at Decorex. We are stand B59, very close to the main entrance on the right hand side.

Juliet x

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