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The Power of Purple

Pantone has set the trend for the year ahead with a colour that is beautiful, optimistic and empowering; Ultra Violet 18-3838. Combining the stability and calmness of blue with the passion and energy of red, it is a vibrant and inspiring colour that was historically associated with royalty, nobility and luxury. Today, it is said to symbolise wisdom, creativity and even magic!

This hue is by no means an obvious or easy choice for interiors yet it can work beautifully if you consider the architecture of a room, the distribution of colour using pattern and texture and of course the other tones you choose to complement.

I have put together some palettes, images and products below to give you an idea of colours that can work alongside this vibrant tone.



Keeping the room neutral using a monochrome design like our Waterhole wallpaper alongside a pattern or textured fabric such as this geometric beauty by A Rum Fellow (on a headboard for example) would create an absolutely stunning effect. Or, if you would prefer a more subtle hint then just a simple vase of hydrangeas can be the perfect finishing touch to a room.



Other palettes include combining warmer greens as seen in this image above by Elle Décor Magazine of an apartment in Jaipur, India, belonging to fashion designer Liza Bruce. The combination of bold lilac walls and the distribution of natural green tones and textures from the foliage and plant life create a really beautiful statement that is soft yet striking.

Our Regal wallpaper design (shown above right) is at the other end of the spectrum focusing on a more pearlescent background but with subtle hints of the green and violet tones in the design details.



For those unsure of violet, our Birds of a Feather wallpaper has a direct link to this latest trend. The detail of the ultra violet feathers that sit on more of a grey aqua background offers a softness that is less intimidating to use. The image above illustrates the distribution of this cooler palette working with various purple tones and also an extra pop of a warm yellow ochre in the beautiful Empire Lampshade in the Kingfisher fabric by Pooky.

Decorative accessories such as lampshades, cushions, rugs and throws are the perfect way to add an injection of colour to any room if you don’t want to be too bold with the walls or larger pieces of furniture.


An alternative idea for introducing purple into your design is illustrated above by Interior Designer Rebecca James Studio who used Milas Lilac Marble from Turkey for her client’s bathroom.

Below are some final images to show examples of both modern and conventional spaces using violet and also how a traditional interior can be transformed into a very contemporary space using this empowering colour.


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