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Imire is the Travers family conservancy in Zimbabwe which was set up by my husband’s grandpa, Norman Travers in the 1950’s. His love and passion for the animals and local community was everything to him and now the next generation are continuing his amazing efforts, to conserve and protect the wildlife of Zimbabwe and Africa. Please read more on the Travers Story to learn more about their work and what is going on at Imire today.

A percentage of all sales of our Safari wallpapers and fabrics will now go towards helping them continue their work, to ensure the safety and security of wildlife by enhancing the relationships between tourism, conservation programmes and surrounding villages through long-term, sustainable environmental management and positive community projects.

We are thrilled to have also joined forces with African Skies and Kate Mackenzie Interior Design who are also generously donating a percentage of sales, to support this very special cause too.

Below is a gallery of images taken by the Travers family, rangers and volunteers at Imire, to give you an insight into their work and conservation programme.