Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017: Greenery

The new year is universally known as a time for fresh starts and new beginnings and Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017 couldn’t encapsulate that better. Greenery is a refreshing shade symbolic of new beginnings and can’t help but make you excited about what is to come.




There are a number of ways to incorporate this colour into your home and the easiest way is through accessories (the most simple to change to keep your home fresh and up to date). While you might not feel bold enough to start painting the walls of every room in the house this colour, accents of Greenery are a great way to reinvigorate the mood of a room.


a18b04264e0fdc9bbb74732b5ea89c3bPhoto via House Beautiful


This blind, inspired by all that Greenery represents, combined with the crisp white walls and wood floors makes this hallway feel clean and fresh while being colourful enough to feel really inviting.


5a0bcfb8bdbd0df7c6c762d2b8a22be6Photo via The English Room


This fabulous library alcove proves that being brave with colour (especially this colour) pays off! The bold plain colour on the walls and shelves allows for the zebra print pattern to not overwhelm the room (although we’re a sucker for anything zebra, overwhelming or not!) and the green detail on the sofa ties it in perfectly. The bright paint colour juxtaposed with the muted colours of the books on the shelves and the neutral sofa make for a great combination – it’s all about balance!


cf0ace77706762c971532143b34e8305Photo via House Beautiful


The contemporary art above the fireplace in this panelled snug is the main focus of the room but the solid green of the sofa and potted ferns on the coffee table create a harmony in the room that is both calming and intriguing.


8a3e3fe1f73983a57169aa80cf69fd03Photo via Sea of Atlas

If you’re looking for something with a lower level of commitment than a full redecoration project then plants are the perfect choice. After all, Pantone’s inspiration to choose this colour for 2017 came entirely from our desire to bring more elements of the natural world into our daily lives which rely increasingly on modern technology and gadgets. What better way than to have actual nature in your home, rather than just a suggestion of it! You can also mix up types, textures and sizes for a really unique collection….just don’t forget to water them!