Juliet with Lucinda Croft, Managing Director and founding family of Dragons of Walton Street

Juliet Travers is proud to announce her collaboration with renowned children’s furniture brand Dragons of Walton Street. Juliet has been commissioned to create the brands first ever wallpaper using their iconic Linen Blossom pattern as inspiration. The large-scale hand painted design launched at Decorex 2018.

Dragons of Walton Street have been hand-painting children’s furniture for over 30 years though this is the first wallpaper they have created. Having been approached by the brand at the beginning of 2018, Juliet was commissioned to design a wallpaper based on their signature Linen Blossom design from their best-selling hand painted furniture range. The collaboration harmoniously marries two quintessentially British brands, resulting in delicate wallpaper that mimics the effect of a hand-painted mural.

Please watch the video below for the full story from initial planning, designing, and painting through to the photo-shoot when the wallpaper came to life.

Behind the Scenes

Product Description

The design illustrates a blossom tree blowing in the wind, created over 8 panels that results in three designs in one. The first set of four panels (set A) depicts the tree and blowing blossom petals, which would work well as a feature wall; the second set (set B) expands this to include the blowing petals with the tree, the third set (set C) illustrates just blowing petals, creating more of a scattered effect than the first four that could enhance a hallway or staircase space.

The full design has been hand painted by Juliet at life size and then digitally printed at our factory here in England. It is currently available in a soft Jute natural background with pink blossom flowers but additional colourways will be coming soon. Please hover over the panel image below to see the design details.

Bloosson Panel Sets

Each panel measures 1400mm width by 3500mm in height. The total design height is 2354mm.

See full hanging instructions here.

Please see images below to view the wallpaper in context.

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Panel Set Designs

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