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Leopards are solitary and elusive creatures and even though they are geographically the most widespread of the big cats, they are the hardest to find. Leopards spend most of their days hiding in trees or caves. Their spots known as rosettes, consist of circles and black spots, which create amazing colour protection for these animals in their natural habitat. Can you spot them in this wallpaper?

Camouflage is another of our signature designs and works beautifully in rooms with high ceilings and a lot of natural light. This design will also benefit rooms with lower wall heights as the never-ending foliage creates an illusion of much higher walls and will naturally provide extra height to your room.


Paper Specification
Design Name: Camouflage
Pattern No:
Roll Width: 68cm/26.8in
Roll Length: 10m/32.8ft
Repeat: 76cm/29.9in Half Drop
Composition: Non Woven Wallpaper
Care: Spongable
Fire Rating: EU Class B

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Roll Calculation
unit of measurement:
Height of walls:
m cm
Length of wall 01:
m cm
Length of wall 02:
m cm
Length of wall 03:
m cm
Length of wall 04:
m cm
Price per Roll: 160 (excluding shipping)
For these walls you will need approx rolls.
Please note this is just an estimate for your project. The correct quantity needs to be quoted by your wallpaper decorator/installer. Juliet Travers Ltd will not take responsibility if the incorrect number of rolls are ordered.
Please note an extra charge of £20 will be applied to orders for just one roll of wallpaper.

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