Wallpaper & Fabric Care

Before hanging check that rolls are undamaged, that numbers and letters are the same for each roll of this design and that all colours match. Please retain all batch labels until decorating is complete. Take extra care when papering around electric light switches and power points. Do not allow excess moisture to drip onto electrical contacts.

Prepare walls by removing all traces of dirt, old wallpaper, distemper or loose paint. Roughen any painted surfaces with sandpaper. Ensure that the overall wall colour is a light, neutral colour with no obvious contrasting areas. Do not hang wall coverings on any wall with a history of damp. Fill any cracks and allow to dry before hanging. Absorbent surfaces can be sized with a weak solution of wallcovering adhesive following the manufacturers instructions.

Please ensure that the same adhesive is used to hang both the lining paper and the wallcovering. For optimum results use a high quality pre-mixed adhesive and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

We strongly recommend that you use a water-soluble, starch based paste with a relatively low water content. Generally, cellulose based, self-mix or very fluid adhesives should be avoided.

All walls should be cross-lined with a plain white heavy grade paper lining paper. In the UK a suitable lining paper would be classified as “1000” or “1200” grade. Lining paper should be allowed to dry completely before installing any Juliet Travers wallpapers.

The wall covering is pre-trimmed so it is not necessary to trim on site so the wall covering can be installed directly from the roll. Always install a wall from left to right and continue around the room accordingly. Please take note of the repeat measurements so you allow for trimming.

Apply the paste to the back of the wallpaper with a roller and allow to soak until pliable for approximately 4-5 minutes, making sure edges are well pasted. Apply the wall covering to the wall, taking care not to crease the paper in the process. Smooth down with a good quality hanging brush or plastic spatula, working from the centre to the edges to remove any unwanted bubbles. Do not overlap and use butt joints. Carefully wipe off excess paste immediately with a clean damp sponge. Failure to do so may result in serious damage to the surface.

After hanging 2 or 3 lengths inspect the result to ensure that there is no shading or other faults. No claim for hanging costs will be allowed for goods hung in excess of one roll.

If your wallpaper gets marked in any way, all Juliet Travers wallpapers are ‘spongeable’ which means you are able to gently wipe the effected area with a damp cloth. Please be careful when attempting to clean the wallpaper. Do not apply too much water to the cloth and do not wipe too vigorously otherwise you will damage the product. Juliet Travers wallpapers are not washable so if a damp cloth is unable to remove the dirt, the wallpaper should be left as it is and no further cleaning should be attempted.

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