March - Daffodils on Aquamarine


Daffodils painted on Aquamarine, the birth flower and birth stone for March.

Aquamarine's name comes from the Latin word ‘mare’ for seawater, and ancient mariners claimed the gem would calm waves and keep sailors safe at sea. It is associated with courage, loyalty and friendship. It is also said to soothe anger, calm fear, and prevent nightmares.

Daffodils are little buds of sunshine which seems fitting as March is the official start to Spring and new life. They are seen as a sign of good luck and celebrated in Wales as the national flower.

Those born in March are known to be compassionate and creative, motivated and energetic.

This mixed media painting is A5, created using acrylic, watercolour and pencil. Each painting in the set is finished in a beautiful double mounted, bespoke frame in navy blue by Anchovy and Oyster.

Finished frame size 305mm x 377mm

* A very small limited edition run of each birth flower will be available as A5 prints later on in the summer. These will just be prints, unmounted and unframed. There will only ever be 12 framed originals. 

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