June - Roses on Pearl


Roses painted on Pearl, the birth flower and birth stone for June.

The perennial flower of romance and passion, roses have often been used as gestures of undying love, dedication and devotion. A classic flower that has been loved and cherished by many for centuries.

The meaning of roses can vary depending on the colour. But, overall they symbolise beauty, love, honour and devotion. They're definitely a birth flower to be proud of if you're lucky enough to be born in June! 

Pearls have long been associated with purity and innocence. This enchanting stone originates from oceans, lakes and rivers around the world. Pearls are gems formed inside of a mollusc, such as oysters. A piece of grit or irritant will enter a mollusc’s shell, and a substance called ‘nacre’ begins to form around it. This substance covers the piece of grit entirely, protecting the mollusc’s soft insides from the object. The layers harden and grow over time, and a pearl is formed. The Pearl is also said to bring love, luck and wisdom to the wearer.

June babies are said to be charismatic, witty and optimistic, as they are born in the month of the summer solstice!

This mixed media painting is A5, created using acrylic, watercolour and pencil. Each painting in the set is finished in a beautiful double mounted, bespoke frame in navy blue by Anchovy and Oyster.

Finished frame size 305mm x 377mm

* A very small limited edition run of each birth flower will be available as A5 prints later on in the summer. These will just be prints, unmounted and unframed. There will only ever be 12 framed originals. 

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