September - Morning Glory on Sapphire


Morning Glory painted on Sapphire Blue, the birth flower and birth stone for September.

This birthstone has traditionally symbolised sincerity, truth, faithfulness and nobility. For centuries, sapphire has adorned royalty and the robes of the clergy. The elite of ancient Greece and Rome believed that blue sapphires protected their owners from harm and envy. The September birthstone has been treasured for thousands of years and is one of the hardest gemstones, second only to diamonds. 

Morning glory blooms at dawn and ends at dusk, perfectly timed with the sun's schedule. They're not just doing this for looks; it's a smart way to stay alive because it lets them attract pollinators during the day and keep themselves safe at night. Morning glories are often associated with a renewed sense of hope and a fresh start.

September babies are best known for being practical, loyal, and organised.

This painting is A5, created using a mixture of acrylic, watercolour and pencil. Each painting in the set is finished in a beautiful double mounted, bespoke frame in navy blue by Anchovy and Oyster.

Finished frame size 305mm x 377mm

* A very small limited edition run of each birth flower will be available as A5 prints later on in the summer. These will just be prints, unmounted and unframed. There will only ever be 12 framed originals. 

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